Excel Cheat Sheet for Keyword Marketers
Published on 27th November 2018

Excel Formulas & VBA for Keyword Marketers Here’s a list of some of the less well…

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Creativity In A Data Driven Era
Published on 21st November 2018

When people think about content and advertising campaigns they think of creative. In reality, great…

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Learning from Attribution’s Past to Decide Your Attribution Future
Published on 27th September 2018

At Found, we’re long-standing believers in attribution, and how it can be used to unlock…

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Getting smart with data in digital marketing
Published on 21st September 2018

In a world where the user is at the centre of everything, performance is directly…

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Model Marketer: how to choose the right attribution model for you
Published on 24th May 2018

There’s no point beating about the bush – nowadays, we live in touch-point central. Gone…

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Is last-click finally on its last legs?
Published on 2nd March 2018

Google’s closing the book on last-click with a new attribution model to rule them all. In…

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The state of attribution in 2018
Published on 16th January 2018

The world of marketing data science is eagerly awaiting the Attribution product from Google, due…

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